Soul Searching

I’ve had to do some searching
Down deep within my soul
I kept looking for that missing piece
Forgetting what made me whole
I had hid in every darkened doorway
And run from every chance at light
I’ve found every reason to be angry
And always picked a fight
I let myself believe I was the victim
Even though I was usually in the wrong
I can’t believe I let it happen
Especially for so long
But life has taught me lessons
Ones I’d heard but never learned
That things do not come easy
Only with work can they be earned
So search my soul I did
And my heart spilled out
For once I sat and listened to its words
Finally understanding what this life’s about
So today I start living
Forgetting all that try to drag me down
Staying afloat in this crazy ocean of emotions
Without the fear that I will drown

8 thoughts on “Soul Searching

    1. Thank you for reblogging this piece. I am really glad that you could connect with it. It has been a long time in the making. It was really hard to write these thoughts down because it meant it was real and I was the one in control of my happiness this whole time and I have only wasted it by holding in anger and passing blame.


  1. I love this. And I can relate to this extremely. When I found that missing piece inside my soul, it boosted me as a person. Amazing.

    Loved this piece and I’m following you from now on. I will RT this. πŸ™‚


    1. I am thrilled that you loved this poem. It has meant so much to me to finally put it in words, but it means even more to know that it has meaning for others as well. I appreciate and thank you for the follow and the RT. πŸ™‚


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