There’s a ghost in the mirror
Someone you may not see
But she’s there every time I look
Staring back at me
An empty image
Hiding behind the looking glass
A darkened glimmer of an afterthought
A memory that has passed
The light within her dims
And the darkness begins to grow
As the ghost inside the mirror fades
My reflection starts to show

Placing Blame

You can go through life denying you are the problem. Pointing fingers at everyone that sees life through clearer eyes than yours. You can keep putting blame on those that hurt you simply by speaking the truth. It is always easier to say something someone said or did was rude or hurtful, when in reality it was only the truth you never wanted to hear. You can bury yourself in self pity forever, but in the end the truth won’t change, and your denial will only become stronger. Just because you choose not to believe what is right in front of you does not mean it doesn’t exist. It is there, and it is real, and you are missing out on everything that doesn’t conform to your lie.

Hanging On

My mind is shaky
I’m hanging over a cliff
Trying my best to hold onto the crumbling wall
Just dangling in the breeze
Hoping that the gentlest of winds doesn’t blow me over the edge
But I am fragile
Even more cracked than these broken rocks I grip tight to
Digging my nails into the dirt
Scratching at my death
Wondering for what or whom am I still holding on for
Letting go slowly
I lift my fingers one by one
Loosening my grip on my shattered dreams
I crumble and come crashing down to the bottom of the pit
Forgetting for a second
Just my lonely moment
All that was ever meant to be

Not Even A Wish

I’m finding it hard to sleep tonight
Even as I lie here in my bed
Too many things on my mind
So many things I’ve left unsaid
I dwell on those that have hurt me
Little reminders of my past
Wondering when everything went wrong
And why nothing good ever lasts
My story of love was written
With the pain of loss in mind
As much as I try to forget him
I can’t leave our past behind
I recall those feelings
That never truly died in me
I only wish I could be saved
That he had been able to see
But his eyes close fine tonight
For him, a new love has been found
Not even a wish on a shooting star
Could erase these thoughts in which I’m bound


I can feel myself unravel
Falling apart piece by piece
Stitch by tattered stitch
Grasping onto pieces
Before they all come crashing down
My legs crumble beneath me
Like sands under a wave
Swiftly washed away
Out of existence
Like a secret in a bottle
That’s been thrown out to sea
Overtaken by the madness
That’s been growing within me
I’m just drowning in my sorrows
Relying on past memories
To carry me anywhere but under
I’m losing grip of these lonely pieces
As they slip from me
One by one
Under the weight, I’m bending
Trying my best not to break
Not knowing
How much further I can drift into oblivion
How much more of this I can take

Whistle blow

I can see the clouds roll in
And I know a storm is forming
I dont need to hear a whistle blow
To understand whats coming
The winds of change are shifting
And they chill me to the bone
But when the sky begins to fall
I surely hope I am not alone

Tonight I Shut The World Out

Tonight i shut the world out
No more texts or calls
No more defending my reasons
Im shutting out them all
I need some peace and quiet
I have to sit and think
So many things burden my mind
That im teetering on the brink
Im falling into madness
Sinking in the sand so deep
Ive really gotten into something
This thing is keeping me from sleep
So until ive got the answers
And this confusion figured out
I will sit alone and ponder
Of who i can and cannot live without