I can feel myself unravel
Falling apart piece by piece
Stitch by tattered stitch
Grasping onto pieces
Before they all come crashing down
My legs crumble beneath me
Like sands under a wave
Swiftly washed away
Out of existence
Like a secret in a bottle
That’s been thrown out to sea
Overtaken by the madness
That’s been growing within me
I’m just drowning in my sorrows
Relying on past memories
To carry me anywhere but under
I’m losing grip of these lonely pieces
As they slip from me
One by one
Under the weight, I’m bending
Trying my best not to break
Not knowing
How much further I can drift into oblivion
How much more of this I can take


2 thoughts on “Unravel

    1. I am sorry that you suffer from depression, I know that feeling all to well. These feelings just compound on top of each other making it almost unbearable to carry it any further. It’s a difficult thing to have to deal with.


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