There’s a ghost in the mirror
Someone you may not see
But she’s there every time I look
Staring back at me
An empty image
Hiding behind the looking glass
A darkened glimmer of an afterthought
A memory that has passed
The light within her dims
And the darkness begins to grow
As the ghost inside the mirror fades
My reflection starts to show


4 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. i have been looking in the mirror, too – it seems i have been doing a lot of self reflection – not certain if that is a good thing or not. 🙂 it seems to produce some not so ‘light’ poetry.


    1. I can never decide if self reflection is good or bad. I know when I get to thinking, my mind runs with it and kinda takes over. Light poetry or not I enjoy it. I read them in my email, but haven’t been over to comment in awhile, but I will remedy that. 🙂


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