Holding My Breath

He’s holding my breath
So I am not able to breathe
I’m grasping at straws
Because there’s no air to be seen

He’s holding me down
Trapped in my own skin
My lungs are collapsing
As I’m drowning within

He’s holding me still
Not letting me move
He holds me with words
Like he has something to prove

He’s holding me back
From where I’d hoped life would be
And I’m suffering here
Knowing this life’s not for me


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7 thoughts on “Holding My Breath

  1. beautifully written – for me, it is his silence. he writes nothing, which is for the best really, but still hurts likes hell. it is my fault, because i told him not to write me – if he had his way he would be telling me about his experiences and life – all of which are with someone else and not me – and he does not understand why this is….


    1. You’re talking about your son right? Yeah I can understand that. For a short period my children lived with their father and it would hurt me to hear of all the things they were doing without me, how happy they were without me. Is he your only child? My experience is with my husband/ex, we’re still legally married but have been separated for almost 7 years. Recently moved in together due to financial issues. We still are separated but we seem like a happy family to outsiders because we do everything together for the kids. But with that happy family charade he gets jealous anytime i make a new friend. which has been the case lately. It’s hard acting happy, when i am far from it. I hope things get better for you hun, I know how hard things can be when your babies are away from home. If you ever need someone to talk to you can head over to my fb page( link at the bottom of the poem) and msg me, I’d be happy to talk with you in a more personal atmosphere. 🙂


      1. Hey there. I am actually talking about my ex boyfriend. The one who dumped me. The one who said he would always be there and that I could feel safe. Him. I am afraid I am not a FB person. But I do email. If you ever need someone to talk to – kimshoe65@hotmail.com.


      2. Ah, i was completely thinking it was your son. But yeah your ex bf makes more sense. I know how that goes. I have one ex that even after 3 yrs apart will email me out of the blue making me miss him, and then he disappears again. Men kinda suck.


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