Head Beats

Tonight, my head beats
Louder than my heart
Slowing, silently giving up
So many wasted moments
Too many tragically lost years
So tomorrow, I give up again
Giving in to all my fears
My broken hopes
And diminished dreams
I let go of faith
As it remains unseen
But for tonight,
My head beats
Louder than my heart

Do I Ever

Do I ever run across your mind
Like you do sometimes through mine
Have you ever stopped to check
Or even looked behind
Has wonder ever gotten you
To think of yesterday
If all was still reversible
Would you want to find a way
If memories were strong enough
To hold people together
To fix what once was broken
Mending love that’s long been severed
If I was to reach my hand for yours
Would you touch your hand to mine
Could you go above it all
To see what love may find?