A Duet

A duet between myself and AShadeOfPen Check out her page because she is a wonderful writer. :)_


As the leaves make the rustling sound

I am drawn back to the times

When my heart sang the symphony

That made music come alive

And that symphony made me dance,

as unlikely as it may have been

But as I danced,

I held your hand though it all

Once again the world looks pink,

Once again the colors are born

Your imaginary hands hold me through,

As I trip, they steady me too

As steady as we are, we fall.

We fall through doubt and nay sayers.

We fall past worlds we never knew.

And yet the fall gives us hope

Of better times and the light that awaits

After the sun sets in the sky

A beautiful morning will arise

And in that morning we can arise anew.

Like a blossom into a full grown flower,

we can grow.

As the world wakes up again

The rustling sound starts to fade

Yet it has done what it should

No longer dead, I feel fresh and new

The sun shines on my face,

bringing me back to life,

warming my heart.

Beating faster than ever before,

I feel love has its place,

and a new place to start.

Nothing ends, nothing truly dies

All you need to do is feel alive

Singing the song of happy times

I once again love to live my life

As alive as I feel,

sometimes it doesn’t feel real,

without someone I love by my side.

But as long as I know,

someone like you

I feel I can grow

and no longer my heart must I hide.

With this I set my heart free

Up above the sky I fly

With wings so big and the sky so wide

Nothing can stop me tonight

The night is so bright,

no longer must I fight,

for life has brought me to my knees.

The sky is so freeing,

it has me believing that nothing in life is worth fleeing.

So tonight I stand up and fight.



2 thoughts on “A Duet

  1. i have been thinking about this a lot lately – a friend of mine who is having a bad time, struggling…missing my friend that died and still trying to forgive myself and let go and move on…. this is a beautiful pas de deux of talent.


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