As the waters rise
I am swept away
Forced beneath the surface
I try to reach for safety
But the waves continue to crash
And they bring me back down
Forcing me to face this ugly truth
Stealing my last breath

My Demons

My demons slither
just beneath the surface
Clawing to be let out
They torment me
In hopes that I give up
Or I give in
But I’m stronger than they think
I can’t hold them at bay forever
But for now I can hold them in

Hand me an Umbrella

This cloud hangs over me
Dripping thoughts of inadequacy throughout my whole being
I’m drowning in doubts and missteps
Reaching through the bubble for an invisible hand
But there’s nothing there to grab onto
This life jacket is feeling more like a bomb that I’ve strapped to myself
I am tired of empty promises
And I’m sick of barely staying afloat
I am sinking deeper
Letting the water fill my lungs
Succumbing to the darkness that surrounds me