Burning Me Down

I lit this match

I deserve to burn
every single broken inch
So let this fire inside me rage
Let it run rampant like a wildfire
Let it pull in the innocence and waste it like a drug
Let it burn until I’m ashes
Until this heart has stopped beating
I fueled this fire
I set myself a blaze
Orange flames rise up to engulf me
The heat swallows me whole
My lungs cry out in silence
These lips no longer speak words
Uttering such madness
Keep your water pails at bay
Please just let this fire burn me into the ground

Overflow Me

These memories,

They haunt me

They have filled me to the brim

Filled me with fire and ice

Choking on the ashes that fall from my own lips

Whilst my heart only grows colder


Contradicting the others ability

Those memories

Those taunting visions are the gasoline that fuels me

The ones that bring me down

Leaving nothing but  a hollowed out shell

Climb inside and replace those recollections

Fill me with your life

Your love

Make me overflow