lights out

There is no light when the love’s gone

There are no better days or open doors

It’s like walking through fields of water overflowing

Each step you slip deeper

Every minute brings you closer to the edge

An abyss awaits to suck you in and bring you down

It’s there to remind you of everything you’ve loved and lost

To convince you that nothing matters because all of the shit that used to, left you behind

Waiting in the distance hoping to watch you cave in

Under the weight of it all

To drown in the very tears that held memories as they slid down your cheek

It’s dark when the light is off

And cold when the love runs out


If you’ve never felt lonely,

I can tell you how it feels

Loneliness feels like the only fish in the ocean

It feels like the last air bubble making it’s way to the surface

Lonely is standing in a crowded room and not being able to connect with another human

It’s when the moon has waited all day to come out to play but everyone is in bed sound asleep

So if you’ve never felt lonely

Let me tell you how I feel

Treading Water

I feel like I’m treading water

And the harder I fight the current
The faster the waves pull me under
Every time I take a breath
My lungs fill and I fall deeper
The surface is but a glimpse of what could have been
What should’ve been
What will never be

I can feel the sand flow through my fingers now
As the darkness starts to sway
To and fro before my burning eyes
As the last tiny bubble of air escapes my throat
I manage to release a whisper
Nothing left to say but a sweet goodbye…

Holding My Breath

He’s holding my breath
So I am not able to breathe
I’m grasping at straws
Because there’s no air to be seen

He’s holding me down
Trapped in my own skin
My lungs are collapsing
As I’m drowning within

He’s holding me still
Not letting me move
He holds me with words
Like he has something to prove

He’s holding me back
From where I’d hoped life would be
And I’m suffering here
Knowing this life’s not for me


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The Tide

I watch the tide rise

and I watch the tide fall

burying the past

pulling under


That I have ever had


in the ocean

buried in the sea 

of memories

and lost chances

smoothing stones

as I tumble


the surface


where no one can see


in the ocean 

buried under the sea

I dig myself a grave

of dirt 

and muck 

and sand

of all the things beneath 

you’d never hold inside your hand

digging holes inside the ocean

buried deep within the sea

waves shall come 

and waves will go

push and pull my heart

no longer does it flow

into the ocean

there is nothing left of me

Sink or Swim

I am just barely keeping my head above water. Thoughts and memories tend to drop me like a concrete brick in the ocean. I always make it back to the surface only to lose my breath and sink again. Even with all the water in my lungs I keep swimming, I have to, there’s no other option for me. Maybe someday I will finally make it back to the shore, safe and sound. So safe… So sound…

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Do Me In

I’ve become disconnected

as this infection 

within me spreads

gnawing to get out

dying to do me in…

fighting for this blood

slowing in these veins

drowning in my own destruction

again and again and again

losing the spark 

within the fire

forming ice over my remains

I welcomed your poison 

as it seeped under my skin

ripping through me

dying to do me in…

On The Edge

Standing on the edge of this cliff.

Looking down into the abyss,

the rocky waters.

Hoping for something to give,

to help me over the edge,

to stare down my impending death.

I fall…

Drowning in the waters below.

As the waves pull me under,



Fiercely tearing me in every direction.

Pulling me away from everything I once was.

Everything I wished to leave behind.

Drifting off to be scattered amongst the silt,

to become one with the earth.

To disappear from everything

I never want to experience again.

The love,

the hatred,

the hurt,

the waiting for nothing.

Always sacrificing myself for something,

for someone.

So I wait at the top of the highest hill for my savior.

I long for that one gust of wind,

that has the strength that I have not to jump,

to take it out of my hands.

To rescue me from this.

Save me