Rabbit Hole

And I’ve stepped backwards again

Slipped back into the rabbit hole

Down into a swirling abyss of nothingness

I’ve tried to fight my way out of the dark

But the blackness overwhelms

Consuming me piece by piece

Bit by bit

Until all that I’m left with is rot

Eating me up from within

Treading Water

I feel like I’m treading water

And the harder I fight the current
The faster the waves pull me under
Every time I take a breath
My lungs fill and I fall deeper
The surface is but a glimpse of what could have been
What should’ve been
What will never be

I can feel the sand flow through my fingers now
As the darkness starts to sway
To and fro before my burning eyes
As the last tiny bubble of air escapes my throat
I manage to release a whisper
Nothing left to say but a sweet goodbye…

Crash and Burn

You’ve said so many things

Yet have done so few

Never thought I would fall

For someone like you

But I’ve faltered

My heart’s been halted

Going nowhere fast

Better slow down before the crash

Still burning

Up in flames

Nothing left of it but fallen ash

Acid Love

It felt like I was melting

Dripping acid on my heart

As every word you swore to me

Slowly tore my world apart

I died in every instance

When you placed your hand in mine

And every kiss you gave me

was a drop of poison in my wine

My wounds, they grew deeper

As your lies within me spread

Carved themselves throughout me

Inserting these visions in my head

I have died and gone to hell

In these fires that you tend

And this decrepit love of mine

Has nothing left of it to mend




Like rain from the heavens

Or a star out of the sky

Like ice off a heated rooftop

breaking as it hits rock bottom



Like the slam of a hammer

Or a rock over the cliff side

Like concrete shoes

drifting down to the ocean floor



Into depths still unknown

Or hells burning fires

The flames melt my heart of ice

leaving me in ashes once again

I’m Falling

And I’m falling in this instance

as these tears come pouring down

to wash away my worries

to dissipate my frown

but not even wishful thinking

can save me from myself

every corner of my mind

just keeps on torturing itself

Who Will? rough draft

This is just a rough draft… I know it needs work, any criticism is appreciated.  There is a vision i my head for this, but it’s not coming out very well on paper.  So I may end up rewriting it several times to get my point across.  So bare with me please…


When that sun that brightens your every day

comes crashing to the ground

and sets your world aflame,

who will be there to help you

through the smoke and the debris?

Who can help you find your way?



When that fire on your surface

seeps in as deep as it can get

and melts your very world,

who will throw in the life vest

to pull you from your molten flow?

Who can save you from that place?


When your heart reverts to nothing

and rebuilds its fortress out of ice

frozen ponds surround it like a mote,

who will build a bridge

to try and save you from yourself?

Who will melt that ice, like an early spring?


I will be there when you lose step,

and when your focus is unclear.


I will lift you off the rocks,

when you have fallen to the ground.


I’ll hold you, when you pull away

from those you once held dear.


I will cushion your crashing world,

and stop your fiery rivers flow.


I will be your eyes when they are blinded,

from the smoke that you have caused.


No matter what damage you have created,

my love for you is here, never to be lost.


My path has been pre-determined,
there’s no way to turn back time.
I walk alone, I always have.
I may have had companionship along the way,
but ultimately it is I who have to walk this path.
To walk until the light dies out.
‘Til this road comes to the edge of the earth.
And walk this long and winding road I will.
Climbing over every downed branch,
and standing back up after every stumble.
Shaking off the dirt as I have in the past.
When the pain is too much to handle,
and my legs grow weak and weary,
I will break inside, yet I’ll keep moving.
I know that when I lose track of my way,
it’ll lead me back to this.
Back to where I belong, to resume this desolate road.
And when I reach the end,
when the edge of the earth is upon me,
I will have made it.
And peace will be upon me, and I will fall.
Fall into myself.
Into my destined ending.

Follow You

I’d follow you to the ends of earth if I could,
just to tell you how I feel.
Never in this life, before you, have I ever felt this way.
My breath you’ve stolen from within my lungs,
ripped out my heart that I hid beneath this flesh.
Not living nor dead, just wasting away.
From everything, something, to nothing once more.
You left me here alone.
To wander forever, not knowing, never finding this again.
Walking in circles around the mess you left behind.
My mess… Me.
A tortuous road, with no end in sight.
You once were the light that guided my way,
lifted my heart, gave me life.
Now that light has burnt out and I’m stuck.
In this dark, in this cold.
A lonely little girl, with no one to hold.
Anticipation of surviving has diminished.
Surrender is all I’ve got left.
With my heart you stole my soul,
and with the waving of this flag I give the rest of me.
No longer longing for the end of this agonizing path I’ve been lost on.
The end is near… finally here.

Into Those Hands

Into those hands you bow your head

as you let the rivers flow

you cant hide those tears

I can see them as they fall

I feel them hit the floor

with such fierceness that the

rumble vibrates my heart strings

as it plays me a simple song


there was a love once lively

now drier than the desert

we were a vast oasis

but now this love is gone


you say it’s time to move on

but I’ll never understand

I thought all was well

when you felt it falling apart

holding onto something that was

only running through my hands

you left me confused and crying

when you walked out of that door

even now I’m hurting

you left me wanting more



a whisper from the shadows

I hear the wind cry out my name

or was that my voice i heard

I guess it’s all one and the same

I’m lost in all this nothing

searching forever, longing for something

your last kiss hangs on my lips


A love that once was lively

now drier than the desert

we were a vast oasis

but now that love is gone


I know you’re never coming home

but I’ll wait for you in case

because being home without you

leaves me just as empty as this place