Sticks and stones

You use your words like sticks and stones

Attempting to beat me into submission

Screaming into my ears like bullhorns

Trying to force me to listen

But this anger in my body keeps on building

And my temperature continues to rise

This hatred has grown heavy in my heart

And this fire still burns in my eyes

I won’t let you try to break me

There’s nothing you can do or say

I’m not here on this Earth for your taking

And I refuse to be treated that way

So I’ll consume your abuse like a fuel

And let this shell fucking burn to the ground

When the smoke clears and ash settles

I’ll be the only one left standing,

While you’re nowhere to be found

Fire Inside

She has the soul of a Viking
A heart born ready to fight
She’s got her wits about her
And an unbreakable grip on her axe
Using the stars in the darkened sky to guide her
She sets sail long into the night
Waging war on any obstacle in her way
Leaving naught but destruction in her path
Born with a fire inside waiting to ignite


I walk out of the rubble

The falling dust still stinging my eyes

Ashes mark my face like war paint

My arms comfortably numb

From fighting my way through the wreckage


I walk away from the past

From yesterdays anger and sorrow

Bridges I lit up behind me

I watched burn to the ground

So I won’t recross them tomorrow

Old worlds left beneath me crumbling

Memories still aflame

Left to drown in the smoke



I walked out of the rubble


into the night

As I sit here wondering, pondering
All alone my mind is wandering
Thinking thoughts of regret and sorrow
Knowing that my shitty today
Will turn into a shittier tomorrow
Holding tight under my cloak of black
Hoping hell has a tunnel back
But I fear I’m stuck inside these fiery tombs
Drowning my lungs in the burning fumes
Losing faith in men unseen
Even death couldn’t make me clean
Thoughts lost in dark, I’m losing light
Seems my world is engulfed by night
Hatred brews in this mind of mine
And I lose touch from time to time
I let it slither under my skin
It eats me up from outside in
I wish my fears would somehow fade
So I could forget the mistakes I’ve made
But this hell within has its grip so tight
That not even hope could make this right
I think this is it,
I may have lost the fight
All that’s left is to drift off into the night

the darkness

Sometimes I wish that I could just run off into the darkness, and become one with the night. My heart gave out a long time ago, I just couldn’t bare to keep up the fight.
This love has pained me more than anything and for that I have learned to live alone.
It seems that no matter how far I run, no matter how much I hide, I’ll never make it back home.

~heart & soul~