Manufactured Rainbows

Manufactured rainbows

lined with candy coated hearts  

sugar crusted teardrops

fall like crystallized ** stars **


All that glittering frosting

upon a cake that is putrid in rot

masking everything evil

A sweetened delight it is not


Sugar coated lies you tell

are straight from the devils heart

I should’ve seen right past you

You were evil from the start.

My Kitty Cat

My kitty cat doesn’t like bath time

No soapy water on his fuzzy head

I try to shower him with bubbles

but to that he does protest


He’s so cute, but not so cuddly

Loves scratches under his chin

He always thinks he’s hungry

when his tummy’s far from thin


I can’t help myself but to pet him

because his fur is soft and smooth

Every time I try to sit, he’s already there

lol’ing at my ass as I grab another chair.



This is an accurate interpretation of my cat meatloaf and I.  He’s such a sweetheart.

Pish Posh

This poem is supposed to be satirical.  I have never written a funny poem before, I hope you like it. I got a chuckle out of writing it.  🙂

Pish posh,

Wish wash,

I’m always such a mess.

I cry a lot,

I die a lot,

I overload on stress.

I shake my head,

no tears will shed,

My feelings I’ll repress.

I will not care,

who all is there,

as they remove my dress.

For when I’m gone,

you’ll sing your song,

as they lay me down to rest.