Mini rant

I’ve been trying to figure out where I belong in this massive space and I just don’t know. I try way too hard to keep everyone around me happy and content. The only person being neglected is myself. I’ve been suffering from headaches lately which I’m sure is stress related. I can’t keep up with this charade. If I’m not happy, how can I make anyone else happy? Its not genuine anymore, its become a job that I have to keep up with. I just don’t think I can anymore. I’ve given up things and people because of this and its just pulling me under. I feel like I’m drowning on air. Choking myself more with every single breath I take. When will enough finally be enough? I hope it doesn’t take forever.


I’ll just sleep it off
Is what I always say
But today is like every other
They all are the same
To look beyond
What shows before me
Is more than I can do
To look within
Is something more
For me to do for you
Love thyself before all others
Is something I can’t do
You come first
Always have
In the name of me and you


I am here

and I am open

I fear

but I’m hoping

That this

will be worth it

Because damn

I deserve it

I have run

endless circles

Not for fun

I’ve jumped hurdles

But shit

I’ve lost battles

Been up creeks

with no paddles

Lost sight

of true visions

Caused fights

and collisions

But I know now

where my hate dies

And it’s with you

that my heart lies

Take A Fall

Take a walk or take a fall,

that is my choice to make.

But in the end I’ve been through it all,

and for this I will not break.

I’m stronger than this and I know it,

moving on is a must.

Even if I don’t show it,

to this, even I can adjust.

Anger has almost consumed me,

It’s time to let love back in.

Happy as I can possibly be,

give in to my heart once again.