I am afraid to lose those that I love
So I stopped feeling love
I am afraid of getting to close
So I keep my distance
I fear death
So I never really live
I fear the unknown
So I never believe
I hate living this lie
So I sugar coat my own truth
I hate my truth
So I keep living my fucking lie
I am afraid of my own fears
So I close my eyes and hide

Crack Me Open

Crack me open like a walnut
Take a peek at what lies inside
Picking me apart piece by piece
Find every cranny that I might hide
Find a way to let my thoughts go
And blend your world with mine
Take your claim over my heart
It may belong to you in time

the darkness

Sometimes I wish that I could just run off into the darkness, and become one with the night. My heart gave out a long time ago, I just couldn’t bare to keep up the fight.
This love has pained me more than anything and for that I have learned to live alone.
It seems that no matter how far I run, no matter how much I hide, I’ll never make it back home.

~heart & soul~