Just A Simple Soundtrack

Lately I have been fighting myself. I’ve been digging up my past truths, fallacies, and memories, that once hurt less than they do now. I am caught in limbo, stuck questioning that which has no answer. I am fighting hand to hand with my faith. Not my faith as in religious terms, but faith in myself. I struggle to figure out a way around the hole I dig for myself. This song reminds me of my struggles. Although the thing Matty is struggling with in the song isn’t the same as mine, I love that I can interpret it to fit my situation and let it help me too. This song is called The Sinner by Memphis May fire.

The Whisper In The Wind

the cold lingers

her heart pulls it in close

pretending not to see

through the lies

crying on the inside

letting go once again

tearing herself apart

for things she cannot change

convincing no one she’s ok

although she tries

my god does she try

someone light a fire

to warm that heart of hers

relieve her

from this hell that she serves

holding onto barbs

as the blood drips from her hand

grasping for something

that no one seems to understand

shrouded by her own reflection

no more shadows on the ground

the light that doesn’t guide her

has helped her lose her way

taking hold of the icy chill

the whispers in the wind deceive you

she’s nowhere to be found

My Days

I spend my days thinking

of things I should’ve said

Of things that I can not forget

They keep running through my head


I spend my weeks wishing

some people would someday change

That something would make them see

their priorities need be rearranged


I’ve spent my years wondering

just where I have gone wrong

How I can change my future

how I can again be strong


I could spend a lifetime hoping

for things that may never come true

Or I could spend that same time

changing my point of view



This sky is on fire

the clouds are burning down

fighting thoughts of degradation

leaving nothing in these hands

just soot stained fingerprints

around your forlorn throat

life outside you

lost within you

deep inside the fold

turned outside in

and inside out

it’s all the same

grasping onto everything

the wind perpetrates the embers

wreaking havoc on your soul

nothing left of your cooling ashes

nothing left to make you whole