I can feel myself unravel
Falling apart piece by piece
Stitch by tattered stitch
Grasping onto pieces
Before they all come crashing down
My legs crumble beneath me
Like sands under a wave
Swiftly washed away
Out of existence
Like a secret in a bottle
That’s been thrown out to sea
Overtaken by the madness
That’s been growing within me
I’m just drowning in my sorrows
Relying on past memories
To carry me anywhere but under
I’m losing grip of these lonely pieces
As they slip from me
One by one
Under the weight, I’m bending
Trying my best not to break
Not knowing
How much further I can drift into oblivion
How much more of this I can take

Tonight I Shut The World Out

Tonight i shut the world out
No more texts or calls
No more defending my reasons
Im shutting out them all
I need some peace and quiet
I have to sit and think
So many things burden my mind
That im teetering on the brink
Im falling into madness
Sinking in the sand so deep
Ive really gotten into something
This thing is keeping me from sleep
So until ive got the answers
And this confusion figured out
I will sit alone and ponder
Of who i can and cannot live without


I am just a fucking puppet

tied with this old string

around my neck I’m hanging

to play this devilish game

you stand there and gather

throwing stones at this withered face

awakened by the madness

and the blood stinging my eyes

just your entertainment

or maybe false prophecies

but here I’ve been hung

to die alone in suffering

no fears dripping off my tongue

although there’s much I’d like to say

I will remain silent

I wouldn’t want to ruin your fun

because I am just a fucking puppet

and my life hangs on your string


I am simply looking for disaster
behind every smile I see
in every single corner
hiding in the dark
waiting for me to stumble
hoping that I will fall
to break into my loneliness
to live this lie you see
ducking under madness
buried deep within me

I am just another catastrophe
a perfect little wrecking ball
crashing through this skin
like a shattered frame
to cut open healing wounds
blood red scent on the hardwood
footprints leading me back
behind make shift walls
soaking up the tear drop
as it hits after it falls

I am committing another mistake
all while remaining innocent
neglectful of my future
breaking pieces off of myself
to syphon life into my dreams
to get caught up in this mess
drifting into scenes of grey
skies crash into my hand
burning my eyes from my face
as my ashes expand

I am exiting this holocaust
with all my lives intact
underneath this state of shock
running from the dark
lighting fire to the dirt
creating havoc wear I stand
decadent demeanor worn above my head
lighted, slighted, never looking back
disappearing from all of this
sinking deep into the black