And the stars…

They take refuge

In the light of this old moon

As its beams dance upon the river bed

The essence of the earth

In every shallow breath

Calming me to an early innocence

Coaxing anything rigged left

Traipsing in the sunset

With mere hours left to bask in this light

As I’m gazing at the stars

I get lost within the night


In a world where darkness lingers

and the night is all I know,

I hope in some hidden corner,

the light is sure to show.


I will search until I find it,

working my way out of this night.

For I am more than that has consumed me,

I too, hide a tiny bit of light.


Everything that builds up
          standing strong and tall
                    never catching a break
                              yet slowly breaking as it falls

the net that dares to catch you
          has hidden rips upon its seams
                    a drop so far from reality
                              another tortuous kind of dream

drifting through the shadows
          walking past the lighted path
                    iniquity is my guardian angel of sorts
                             in all of its wicked craft

deceit so believing
          a pawn so easily convinced
                    a heart so drained and empty
                            soaks up everything you’ve missed

longing for an ending 
          a switch to off this light
                    losing touch with everything
                            forever walking through this night