So many times before

And the demon came a calling
Like so many times before
He tried to pull me under
He tried to hold me down
But this time was different
This time I stood my ground
I stared into his eyes
Felt his fire burn hot upon my skin
But this time I was stronger
I refused to let him in
The demon came a calling
Like so many times before
But this time I saw him coming
And my soul I would not give
I won’t give up that easy
I will never let him win
I will fight until the end
When there’s no more life for me to live


If tomorrow never existed and today was all that I had. I would not live in the present, for all of my memories are in my past. Oh the memories I have had, not all of them good, nor all of them bad. I’ve seen many wrongs done by ones that I love. And even some rights by those I detest. Some that I choose to tuck away, and some that I like the best. Bottle rockets behind the schoolyard, and the weekends with my dad at the Glen. Raking leaf piles with my grandpa, sand castles with grandma at the beach. Friends I thought I’d have forever, who now are so far out of reach. Love that struck my heart hard, and ultimately created three beautiful seeds. All the pain in the world that I’ve been hit with, has only made me as strong as I am today. So if tomorrow never existed, and today was all that I had, I’d hold the ones that I love dearly, and relish the memories I’ve been lucky enough to have had.

~heart & soul~