Left Me

You left me bleeding
Standing naked in the street
Crying out for you
Bearing my soul to all who could see
I stood there broken
Unable to make a move
Unable to open my eyes
Afraid that the rain had washed you away
Afraid that you had disappeared
Right before my eyes
But you remain here
Tormenting my heart still
Breaking what little is left of my free will


And my heart grows colder
Even as the flames begin to rise
Not even this torrid hell I’m in
Can melt the ice behind these eyes
Drifting further from complacency
My feet no longer firmly on the ground
Unsure of where I’m headed
Afraid of what I’ll find if I look down
Aware that the consequences
Of the wrongs that I have done
Are the reason for this torment
And my future soon to come

My Lessons

Everyday I live, I learn
Be the lesson big or small
But take them in I will
I will try to understand them all
Life has taught me things
That can’t be learned in any book
Things that before I stopped to listen
Usually I would overlook
Not appreciating the haves
When the have nots kept piling in
Always throwing down my cards
Before I even had a chance to win
Always taking the bad news
Before I’d hear the good
I wish I had stopped to listen sooner
If only I knew I could
Never knowing where I was headed
Kept me fearful, in my place
But life has begun to move me
From my normal darkened space
And show me things
That at one time I didn’t know
Now that I finally get it
I can finally grow
I can leave the past behind me
In a trail of rustled dust
And never look back at that that used to haunt me
Now focusing on tomorrow is a must

not sure what to call this nonsense…

Sometimes when you find love

it doesn’t make sense

it isnt right

and it may hurt like hell

but you have to experience it


to understand what it is

and where it is leading you

life isn’t as perfect

as some may lead

you to believe

and life may not be as bad

as some would like you

to see it

you have to live it

to see

and you have to live it

to feel

that not everything works out right

but not everything

that doesn’t work out is wrong

it’s all about perspective

and what you see as real

and what you seem to think

and what you tend to feel

Not everything is as perfect

as the cloudy bluish sky

by I have stopped wondering

I no longer ask why

sometimes you find love

and sometimes it finds you

and sometimes things dont work out

quite as well as you had hoped them too

but you decide

to just go with the flow

not sure where it’ll lead you

not sure where you will go

but trusting in your instincts

to lead you where you need to be

to lead you away from

all that is hazardous for we

My Days

I spend my days thinking

of things I should’ve said

Of things that I can not forget

They keep running through my head


I spend my weeks wishing

some people would someday change

That something would make them see

their priorities need be rearranged


I’ve spent my years wondering

just where I have gone wrong

How I can change my future

how I can again be strong


I could spend a lifetime hoping

for things that may never come true

Or I could spend that same time

changing my point of view


Tonight I’ll Sleep Silent

Tonight I’ll sleep silent
While a treacherous storm awaits
swooping down to take everything
Lifting it off of the ground
Shaking me, rattling me
The wind howls
As the rain thrashes against the panes
The breath pulled straight from my lungs
In this frigid air
Surrounded by dirt and rubble
Left in the eye of the storm
Amongst the wreckage am I
Still sleeping, still dreaming
Silent whispers lingering
From the calm before