Bad Dreams

You come to me deep inside my slumber
Whispering sweet sorrows into my ears
As if my own thoughts don’t carry enough toxicity
Your sadness surrounds me like a ring of fire
Pulling me in close and then swallowing me whole
This feeling flows with a steady pulse throughout my veins
Injecting your fears into my bones
Already brittled under the weight of my own worries
Crushing me beneath your darkness
Pushing your nightmares hard against my dreamland
Causing me to wake to heartache and rain clouds

Catching Fire

Cut me open and let my demons flow out
Bleeding words onto the page like spilled ink
Writing and rewriting these memories in my head
Broken promises cast long lasting shadows
Keeping my scars hidden from the world
Voices calling out to me from the darkness
Trying to convince me to come play in the chaos yet again
Thinking in circles, spinning out of control
Fighting with these feelings of insignificance
Tearing flesh hastily from my bones
To let these thoughts out
The fiends dance on the tip of my tongue
Trying to tell me how to speak
Gloom envelopes me in its blanket
Keeping me safe inside the warmth
This heart is not a flicker but a flame
I let myself catch fire
To keep the world from judging me

Fire Inside

She has the soul of a Viking
A heart born ready to fight
She’s got her wits about her
And an unbreakable grip on her axe
Using the stars in the darkened sky to guide her
She sets sail long into the night
Waging war on any obstacle in her way
Leaving naught but destruction in her path
Born with a fire inside waiting to ignite

I will dig deep beneath your surface
Slither through your veins
And infect your heart
You will love me

I will claw my way inside you
Crawl into your mind
And infest your thoughts
You will remember me


The cold wind blows
Clashing with hot breath
Flame filled barrels
Fighting against the winter storm
Teeth chattering
As fingers freeze beneath ripped gloves
White canvas sneakers
Soaked through from sloshy brown snow
Last week’s newspaper
Fuel for the fire
Hoping winters rage takes a break
Long enough for toes to thaw
Slowly starving themselves
And the flames under a frozen tunnel
Homelessness is freezing to death while living in hell


Last night I dreamt of you
                  and the night before that too
The dream was like a stolen memory
one we never got to have
Like life in an alternate reality
                  where everything had changed
the only constant was you and me
maybe it was a glimpse into what could have been
a future that never was to be