Redbull gives me insomnia(wings not included)

It’s nights like tonight when I lie in bed, Red bull still pumping through my veins from supper time and my dog scratching my legs as he tries to make himself comfortable under my blanket, that I over think things. I think about yesterday. I think about last week. I think about that one guy I dated 10 years ago. I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately. Mostly in my dreams, sometimes not. I wonder how he’s doing and wonder if he ever wonders how I’m doing. Probably not. I’m not the type of person people wonder about. It’s ok, I’m used to it. It’s funny because the whole time I was drinking my energy drink I was thinking that I shouldn’t because I’ll be awake all night long. Maybe that was subconsciously the plan. A means of self torture for some random shitty thing I’ve done at some random shitty time in my life. Oh well, no rest for the wicked I suppose.

Loss of words

I absolutely hate when the perfect combination of words pops up in your head in the most inconvenient of times. I was in the bathroom, starting to wash my face, and I thought of the prefect line for a poem. I thought to myself that I would remember it when I got out, but I didn’t. I know it was great, and it pisses me off that I lost it. I hope it comes back to me in thought tonight as I sleep and I am able to remember it in the morning. I really hate when a thought evades me like that. Like I am expected to stop the world around me in order to write something down. What nonsense is that?  Oh well, here’s hoping it comes back to me…

Sometimes… Rant

I am so close to giving up, like it was never worth it to begin with.  Like it was just a waste of time.  As another moment passes and another question surfaces, I lower my head in thought.  Thinking whether I should keep going, or just let it go.  Trying hurts, but so does letting go.  I guess I have to figure out which will hurt less.  I hate the not knowing, the wondering, the chase, the end.  I hate losing, and since I am a perpetual loser you’d think I’d have been out of the game a long long time ago.  But no, because I am also a masochist.  It’s a wonderful feeling, the rush, the pain, in a sick, sad, depressing kinda way.  It draws me in.  Sinks its teeth deep into my skin, and becomes one with my flesh.  So, you see, I am in a bind.  In a circular torture chamber, I keep spinning from one evil to the next.  I try to hang on, I try to let go, and can successfully do neither.  So I am stuck in limbo between the two.  Running in place.  Grasping for something else, something more.  Holding out for the one who can see behind the mask, behind the obvious fakeness that I portray.  The one, who without words, can tell that I am in need, and fulfill it.  The one who is willing to walk into the blackness to seek me out.  Grabbing me in the dark, fulfilling that need that I have, that only he can see.  I am still waiting, holding on.  Forever waiting…  Find me…

Ranting again oh my…

I am simply tired.  Tired of trying to understand what other people are thinking.  Attempting to get inside someone else’s mind and figure out what issues they may or may not have with me.  I feel like I am cornered in my mind, with no way out.  I think, or over think every situation, good or bad.  I over defend people who in the eyes of others don’t deserve it, but I give way too many second chances.  I allow people to hurt me repeatedly in hopes that one day I will learn my lesson.  I haven’t learned one yet.  I am like a ticking time bomb and I let the smallest of things set me off.  I always leave a nasty little mess behind, but I always manage to pick up those pieces that have fallen behind me.  Granted after so many times, they never seem to fit back together quite right.  But we all lose parts of ourselves along the way, bits and pieces here and there.  Such is life and from what I hear it sucks, well I will agree with that.  I hold onto all the negativity that surrounds me and I tend to soak it up like a sponge.  And try as I might, it’s a hard thing to lose once it’s grabbed ahold.  I just want to be able to put my past behind me, and get back on track with some kind of positive future to look forward to.  I worry that by doing that I may lose some parts of me that I can never get back and I haven’t decided which is worse yet.  To move on and drag that broken baggage along, or to leave it at the bag check and start over empty.  It’s always a hard decision.  It’s one I’ve been twiddling my thumbs over for awhile, in fear of making a wrong choice.  I feel alone in this, I feel like I have been sentenced to solitary confinement and the only time I have contact with the outside world is to ease their mind about something or other.  How is that fair to me?  I am just ready to go to sleep, a big long drawn out sleep.  One full of dreams that keep this rotten existence of reality at bay for awhile.  One that allows me to smile at something more than someone else’s happiness.  One that doesn’t allow lies and deceit to fly off the lips of those I care about.  The kind of dream where the feelings I have for someone, whether friend or family, are actually reciprocated.  I hope that one day I will no longer have to wish for such dreams to occur , that they are a normality in my life.  That I too can smile at the simplicities of the world around me.  But I am far from that still, maybe it’s a destination that I will never reach.  With all the faith that I have lost in people, I still have an inkling of hope, I keep it tucked down deep so nobody can steal it from me, but it’s there and maybe someday I will be glad that I did keep such a silly thing.

Someday You’ll Realize

I am sick of feeling completely useless

and this feeling like I don’t belong

I am tired of these misconceptions

of everything I seem to be doing wrong

I am so over caring for those people

who think they are too good for me

Keep treating me like an outsider

and when the time comes that is all I’ll ever be

Ones who are supposed to care forever

the ones who’s bonds started at birth

These are the ones who hurt you the most

when they constantly prove they surpass your worth

I do not need anymore of this shit

in my already over complicated life

I am walking away from all of this this time

never looking back on this constant strife

I will never be held up to your standards

and I may not be good at anything in your eyes

but I am way better than all of this shit

Someday I will be gone, maybe then you’ll realize



meant never

in the eyes of deceit

in the words of someone like you



was nothing of

the sort of nonsense

that someone like you does speak



is just a feeling

that one reserves

until it seeps into ones severed soul



is nothing more

than what you asked for

being everything you shall receive

All Hope Is Gone

I used to believe in a future

but now all my hope is gone.

I am so battered,

so broken.

Left alone to suffer

within this hell I have created.

I’ve search for many reasons,

not knowing what I was searching for.

Proven wrong time and again.

Losing comfort in my own surface,

I scratch to get out.

Clawing at my own skin

until my inner is revealed.

In my silence I am outspoken,

yet you hear not what I say.

I feel lost, and misguided.


my heart was stolen,

and on my search to find it,

I fell out of space.

I run in place.

Falling flat on my face.

I hide from you,

from myself as well.

Burning endlessly in my own hell.

I am tired,

I want to sleep.

But sleep evades me,

as it always does.

Growing weaker,

growing meeker.

Lost within myself.

Hiding in the shadows.

Running from the light.

I have lost faith in everything I once knew.

I have been lost within the night.

I still remember…

the time when I was little and I tried to wash my kitty in a big blue barrel, unfortunately, I was not big enough to get him back out of it.  😦

the time that April and I decided that we wanted kool-aid in the middle of the night, so we made every single packet in the house.  We made a terrible mess of the kitchen.  You were pissed when you came home from work.

the time that george and I were playing with matches and caught the wooded area next to our house on fire.  In all fairness, we tried to put it out.

all the bad times we have had, but I forgive you.

how you were the one to help me get my permit.

how I felt that you weren’t there when I got married, even though I knew it was my fault.  I really wanted you to be there.  :*(

how when I went into labor with Aydan and I couldn’t get ahold of you how scared I was.  I am so glad that you made it in time, and were there for me.  I really needed you.

how mad you were that the nurses weren’t helping me with the pain, but how happy you were when you got to hold Aydan for the first time.  And how annoyed you were when Adam caught you on video.

when you left us again shortly after Aydan was born, I worried everyday that I’d never see you again.  I missed you so much back then.

the day that you came home to me clean and sober.  I have never been more proud of anybody in my life.  You proved to me that you wanted to fix things.  You came home and had three beautiful grandchildren waiting for you.

how when we lived together, your ocd took complete control over the house.  Everything had to be perfect, and it was.  And how adam liked to moves things around just to see your reaction.  that the only thing you watched on tv was your bible channel.  But it made you happy, so I guess I’ll forgive you for that.  😛

when we got into the huge fight over Shayna and things were messy between us for awhile.  I am really sorry for that.  I overreacted.  And I am sorry.

when grandpa died I was more worried about how you were feeling.  He was your life, your everything.  It hurt me so much to see how badly you were hurting.  I wish there was something that I could have done for you.  But I can’t raise the dead.  Unfortunately.

the way that you took care of beanie so well.  She loved being with you more than she did with me.  I’m so glad that you were able to do that for her.  She truly loved you and misses you so much.  You wouldn’t believe how messed up I am right now, but she’s the one comforting me.  You’d be so proud of her.  She’s such a big girl.

how much you loved me, I never thought that you didn’t.  I always knew how much you missed us when you were away.

that I made sure to tell you that I loved you so much, and I wanted you to be happy again.  I guess it just wasn’t in the cards.  You did what you did, and I truly hope that things are better for you.  I like to believe that you are with grandpa and your life can start over.  I wish you were here with me…  I hate that you’re not here with me.  I hate that we can’t have our early morning talks, I hate that I can’t call when I feel sad, I hate that I have to feel the same thing that you had to feel when grandpa died.  I hate that in years beanie will only remember what I tell her about you.  I miss you so much.  I hope your in a good place where you don’t have to hurt or feel lonely anymore. I love you…  I will always remember you…  I hope you always remember me too…

This is purely a rant…

I don’t know if any of my followers or anybody else really, have an account on, but I do.  I have recently made an account thinking it would be a good way of having other people read my work.  There are some really great poems on there, that I will not deny, my issue with it is this…   It is based on a points system, so the more poems you submit the higher the points, which is fine.  But you also get more points for rating and reviewing other peoples poetry.  This perk I think forces people to comment or rate something that they really don’t want to, in order to get said points.  I have also noticed that a lot of these people who are critiquing the poems seem to have limited knowledge of poetry.  I am in no way, more like light years away from being Shakespeare, but for one of my poems to get berated because it was in prose form and did not rhyme, had me baffled.  I enjoy using prose form, and think it can be under rated sometimes by those who do not even know it is a form.  I had tried to explain to said commenters that I used prose form on purpose because I enjoy it, and it fit well with that poem.  Granted you all have read some of my poems, and I do not use prose too often, I mix it up.  But after simple research on the sight, I see that they too have poetry that is far from perfect.  I being the bigger person explained my views on my poetry, but refused to comment on their issues.  I didn’t need to start a war.  Because let’s face it, I can be vicious, so I would win.  I have seen some really horrible stuff on that site, not necessarily saying the poems themselves were bad, but about 65% of them had no spell check, no proper grammar, no punctuation, no revisions on them at all.  I made sure all of mine were perfect before I posted them, so to get several comments saying that the poem would have been great if I had put it in rhyming stanzas, or paragraphs made me slightly saddened.  What do you guys think about poetry in prose form?  Is it atrocious? Or is it just a misunderstood form of poetry?  I would really like your opinions on this.  As the thought that my poetry may be suffering simply because of the form I use.  the poem in question is Into This Night, which is a few posts below.  As I said any and all feedback on this is greatly appreciated.

I Will Not

I will not bend at your demand,

You will not break me on command.

I was born free, and that luxury I’ll keep

Your weakened spirit will not lose me any sleep.

Opinions are dandy, but you know what they say…

My sun still shines bright, while yours turns to gray.

Moving on from this place, to start fresh, start new.

Keeping my distance from every likeness of you.