Manufactured Rainbows

Manufactured rainbows

lined with candy coated hearts  

sugar crusted teardrops

fall like crystallized ** stars **


All that glittering frosting

upon a cake that is putrid in rot

masking everything evil

A sweetened delight it is not


Sugar coated lies you tell

are straight from the devils heart

I should’ve seen right past you

You were evil from the start.


I want to be a princess,

if only for a day

Just to feel loved by you,

in every single way

I wish to hold the golden cup

and lick the silver spoon

I want to lie awake with you

and wish upon the moon

So many things I would do with you

if only it was okay

If everything worked out as I’d hope,

then I could surely stay

Pish Posh

This poem is supposed to be satirical.  I have never written a funny poem before, I hope you like it. I got a chuckle out of writing it.  🙂

Pish posh,

Wish wash,

I’m always such a mess.

I cry a lot,

I die a lot,

I overload on stress.

I shake my head,

no tears will shed,

My feelings I’ll repress.

I will not care,

who all is there,

as they remove my dress.

For when I’m gone,

you’ll sing your song,

as they lay me down to rest.