When you feel like you’ve gone adrift
like you’re a ship lost at sea
and you’re destination is unclear
due to rocky waters
Call me so I can drop my anchor beside you
And we will ride out the storm together
I will be your compass until your tide comes in



I have looked
And I have tried to find
All that there is to see
But searching places
On a map not found
Are proving difficult for me
I can seek
But never find
Things that are not meant to be
So try as I might
Without hope on hand
To break this door without a key
Only breaking faith
Like the breaking waves
Of a vaste and dirty sea
Lost beneath the sand
In the sea unseen
Just a lonely remnant of what once was me


I am losing grip again
starting to slip again
I trip over my words
over and under
under and over
my thoughts flow 
like water through a sieve
I am but a blip 
in the radar
just a ship amongst the sea
and I am losing grip again
starting to slip again
beginning to tear again
to rip apart my seams
my lips say nothing
until I am stripped of everything

The Tide

I watch the tide rise

and I watch the tide fall

burying the past

pulling under


That I have ever had


in the ocean

buried in the sea 

of memories

and lost chances

smoothing stones

as I tumble


the surface


where no one can see


in the ocean 

buried under the sea

I dig myself a grave

of dirt 

and muck 

and sand

of all the things beneath 

you’d never hold inside your hand

digging holes inside the ocean

buried deep within the sea

waves shall come 

and waves will go

push and pull my heart

no longer does it flow

into the ocean

there is nothing left of me