When you feel like you’ve gone adrift
like you’re a ship lost at sea
and you’re destination is unclear
due to rocky waters
Call me so I can drop my anchor beside you
And we will ride out the storm together
I will be your compass until your tide comes in



I am losing grip again
starting to slip again
I trip over my words
over and under
under and over
my thoughts flow 
like water through a sieve
I am but a blip 
in the radar
just a ship amongst the sea
and I am losing grip again
starting to slip again
beginning to tear again
to rip apart my seams
my lips say nothing
until I am stripped of everything

Riding off into the Sunset

I’m here waiting on this shoreline
For a ship to come in from sea
For one to come, and sail far away with me

I hear the sirens voices
Calling me to their beach
But I’ve got my distance, my life is out of reach

If my boat ever comes in
I’ll sail off into the blue
Riding off into the sunset, searching for something new

While I wade here suffering
As this salt still stings my throat
I know that I’m my only lifesaver, I’ll try to keep myself afloat

But when these waves finally take me
And the current pulls me down
I’ll leave behing my memories, in these waters as I drown