Free Bird

My head lies on the pillow awaiting for a dream
                   to sweep me up and away from here
               away from everything that I have seen
                           The lights get to be too bright
                      will you dim them down a bit for me?
                                 There's so much in this darkness
                           that I have yet to get a chance to see
                                          Something evil may be lurking
                                       but those chances are pretty low
                                             Under the spark of a shooting star
                                                    I can wander around forever
                                                   ever knowing where I will go
                                                         This dream will be a journey
                                      one that will take me to places I've never been
                                                                 Imagination gets to run wild
                                                                 not destined to run in place
                                                                            I am free within my head
                                                           to roam wherever I want inside this space
                                              So vast
                                                                               No more reasons to hide myself
                                                                         I can finally outrun my damaged past
                                                                                            Away from pain, and anger
                                                                                          I can leave them far behind
                             For I am finally a free bird
                                               when I get lost inside my mind

Demons Dancing

Whilst everyone else does slumber,

I merely lie on this old bed.

A simple task this is I know,

but I’ve got these demons dancing in my head.

They keep me held captive,

within my thoughts, I have no self control.

Contemplating my tragic endings,

raking me hot across these coals.

Repenting misery inducted upon myself

Hell hath no misdirected fury,

Found guilty of self inflictions,

by my inner judge, and jury.

Breaking The Ice

Slowly breaking the ice as you chisel away at my heart. Tearing the wounds wide open, revealing everything that is evil underneath this flesh. A demon delving deeper into the burning ruins that once held the spark of a pure soul. Tossing and turning in the flames inside of this self contained pit of anguish. As the fire consumes, the vestige of my tormented soul diminishes. If I fall any further into the blaze I will not make it out dead or alive. I am destined to be the dust that settles, lying in wait, for something to come by and disturb me in my everlasting slumber.

~heart & soul~