I walk out of the rubble

The falling dust still stinging my eyes

Ashes mark my face like war paint

My arms comfortably numb

From fighting my way through the wreckage


I walk away from the past

From yesterdays anger and sorrow

Bridges I lit up behind me

I watched burn to the ground

So I won’t recross them tomorrow

Old worlds left beneath me crumbling

Memories still aflame

Left to drown in the smoke



I walked out of the rubble



Here I sit alone in this fortress,
where loneliness grasps my heart,
and drags me to the floor.

The fire that used to grow inside me,
burned hot until it was put out,
the remaining embers drown in tears.

The sorrow that has swept over me,
has darkened all of my dreams,
like a deep fog that’s come rolling in.

A longing for a clearer day,
when the clouds have finally parted,
and the warming sun shines through.

Shining through this prisons windows,
to bring light to the everlasting dark,
pumping life back into a lonesome heart.

~heart & soul~