I walk out of the rubble

The falling dust still stinging my eyes

Ashes mark my face like war paint

My arms comfortably numb

From fighting my way through the wreckage


I walk away from the past

From yesterdays anger and sorrow

Bridges I lit up behind me

I watched burn to the ground

So I won’t recross them tomorrow

Old worlds left beneath me crumbling

Memories still aflame

Left to drown in the smoke



I walked out of the rubble


Unforgiving Year

Cold whispers flow
Over my lips
Into an unforgetting ear
Life turns its cheek
To an internal battle
Of a dying heart
Love cracks like glass
Covering the ground
Of an unwalked mile
Eyes lose sight
Blinded by thoughts
Of yesterdays tomorrow
Time stands still
As the cold winds blow
Past an unforgiving year

Head Beats

Tonight, my head beats
Louder than my heart
Slowing, silently giving up
So many wasted moments
Too many tragically lost years
So tomorrow, I give up again
Giving in to all my fears
My broken hopes
And diminished dreams
I let go of faith
As it remains unseen
But for tonight,
My head beats
Louder than my heart


If tomorrow never existed and today was all that I had. I would not live in the present, for all of my memories are in my past. Oh the memories I have had, not all of them good, nor all of them bad. I’ve seen many wrongs done by ones that I love. And even some rights by those I detest. Some that I choose to tuck away, and some that I like the best. Bottle rockets behind the schoolyard, and the weekends with my dad at the Glen. Raking leaf piles with my grandpa, sand castles with grandma at the beach. Friends I thought I’d have forever, who now are so far out of reach. Love that struck my heart hard, and ultimately created three beautiful seeds. All the pain in the world that I’ve been hit with, has only made me as strong as I am today. So if tomorrow never existed, and today was all that I had, I’d hold the ones that I love dearly, and relish the memories I’ve been lucky enough to have had.

~heart & soul~