My Last Mistake

This was to be my first entry to trifecta’s writing challenge in awhile.  unfortunately I missed the deadline, which makes me sad.  But life goes on.

It wasn’t the first time but it would be my last.  Driving under the influence was the worst way I could have gone.  Was my life really worth that last sip of whiskey?


The Wiggler

This is entry number two into the Trifecta Writing Challenge.



The way she wiggled when she walked and that dress that could barely be considered a dress was my first clue that she was cheap.  What he saw in her was obvious.  He always liked them sorta sleazy, and this one was no different.  If my mother was still alive he wouldn’t be acting like this, but since she died he’s been as loose with his morals as a twenty year old rubber band.  My mother, our mother was like his best friend, when she died I think my brother was afraid to get close to another woman.  So he kept his distance while having his fun with these girls.  I guess I can’t say I blame him, nobody will ever be able to take her place, she was perfect.

Andy And I (trifecta challenge)

This week Trifecta’s Writing Challenge has the prompt cheap.  We had to use the third definition of the word which is A) of inferior quality or worth and B) Contemptible because of lack of any fine, lofty, or redeeming qualities.

I hope you enjoy!  🙂


Andy and I had spent the afternoon walking along the beach holding hands and collecting different shades of sea glass.  I found more blue pieces than he did, for once.  We put them collectively in a small bucket I bring specifically for simple treasures I may find.  We walked back from the shore towards the boardwalk, still hand in hand.  The salty mist from the ocean had made me thirsty and we were on the hunt for a good bar to grab a few drinks.  Andy ordered a long island ice tea for me, it was my favorite.  I had a few too many so we decided to cut the night short and go back to my house to spend the rest of the evening together.  We made love that night for hours until my drink finally kicked my ass and I fell asleep.  I woke up only long enough to check if his arm was around me and it was, so I shut my eyes again.

When I rolled over in the morning Andy wasn’t there.  I sent him a text that said good morning with no response.  I drove to town to run some errands and grab some tea with toast for breakfast.  I was reading and something caught my eye, it was Andy.  He was with a woman and a child.  Walking while holding hands they stopped outside the diner window and kissed.  I don’t think he saw me, and at that moment I was glad that he hadn’t.  I saw the gold ring on his finger and slunk down in my booth.  I paid my bill, took the backdoor out and drove home.  Andy was married?  I felt so cheated.  I felt cheap, like the side dish that one would order with a prime rib dinner.  I loved him, but in that moment I realized I didn’t even know who he was.



Bad Deal

This is my second entry into Trifecta’s Writing Challenge.  I am throwing a poem in to the mix because, well that’s what I do best, that’s where my heart lies.  Story telling is foreign and is somewhat confusing to me.  Especially being bound to space.  But I hope you all enjoy it anyways, poetry is more personal to me, and this one speaks to me.  🙂


I have got to seek

and I’ve got to find

the old me

that I have left behind


She was strong

and not this meek

she had balls of steel

and was never weak


I know she’s there

I just have to look

lost herself within you

and everything you took


I’ll get her back

you just wait and see

she’ll be everything

you didn’t expect her to be


A heart can bleed

but someday it will heal

she can no longer hide behind

how you used to feel


She played your game

it was not a fair fight

but she played it clean

with all of her losing might

Forced Hand

This is a short story in response to Trifecta’s Writing Challenge

The story had to utilize the word Clean in it’s 3rd definition.



Sitting in the waiting area with her hands between her knees, trying to hide her shakes.  Nervously waiting for Officer Wilson to come and speak with her.  The door to his office opens and out he steps, motioning for her to go there, so she did.

“Hello Lucinda, have a seat right here” as Officer Wilson pulls out a chair for her.

“We need to talk about what happened yesterday, we have heard a few different stories and we need to clear them up.”

Slightly agitated she says “I told you what happened, I don’t know about any other story, but they are wrong.”

“Listen, your husband is dead Lucinda, you admit to stabbing him, but your story isn’t adding up.” Said the Officer harshly.

Lucinda begins to sob, the shaking had taken over her whole body at that point.  She had suffered at his hands for many years.  The unexplainable bruises, and broken bones were his doing.  Everyone in town knew it but said nothing.  Same beating different day.  That’s just how it was in their household, but yesterday was different for Lucinda, something was going through her head.  She suffered through the beating like usual. But this time she waited until her loving husband was fast asleep with the help from a bottle of Jack and she grabbed a knife out of the dish strainer.  She stabbed that knife through him over and over again, until the life in him was now running down her face.

“I had to do it, he would have eventually killed me if I didn’t.” Lucinda cried out. “I am sorry, but I had to, it was self defense.”

“Unfortunately Lucinda I will have to take you in and let a judge decide that, your record is clean as a whistle so he may take it easy on you. Come on, let’s go.” Wilson said as he cuffed her and lead her down the hall towards a cell.

Lost 3

I didn’t realize we could do more than one, and even if only one counts I’d like to add this one to the Trifecta Writing Challenge.


Not knowing where she was going, only knowing where she had been.  In her hands, a single empty road map was she holding, which proved to be no help in the very end.

Lost 2

This is just another entry for Trifecta’s writing Challenge using the word Lost in the title and only having 33 words in the story.


Just one more drink to ease the pain. I let it go for just one more day.  Next morning I wake up somewhere new, oh no where am I? What shall I do?