I fill my life with empty people

Who communicate through empty words

Reaching out their arms with empty promises

Revolving around my empty world

Empty thoughts within empty minds

Refilling my hourglass with empty time


Loss of words

I absolutely hate when the perfect combination of words pops up in your head in the most inconvenient of times. I was in the bathroom, starting to wash my face, and I thought of the prefect line for a poem. I thought to myself that I would remember it when I got out, but I didn’t. I know it was great, and it pisses me off that I lost it. I hope it comes back to me in thought tonight as I sleep and I am able to remember it in the morning. I really hate when a thought evades me like that. Like I am expected to stop the world around me in order to write something down. What nonsense is that? ¬†Oh well, here’s hoping it comes back to me…


Swallow it down
These words I meant to say
The things that hold my breath
Deep inside these lungs
Beating heart
Choking on words
Irrational absolution
Words left to say
To be said
Displayed to all the world
As evil incarnate
Blame laid
Guilt ridden
I’ve been hollowed out
By you
For you
For your hatred to flow through me
Coursing through these veins
Tell me it’s over
I’ll end this
Tell me it’s okay
Won’t you tell me it will all be okay
Will it never be?
Can it ever be?