There is no happy ray of sunshine at the bottom of this bottle

My world remains dead and cold and gray

There is no light waiting for me at the end of my tunnel

Everything remains dark, nothing left to light my way

Live Below The Line Campaign

I am a member of a community, and we are called BzzAgents.  We are participating in a fundraising campaign called Live Below The Line.



Live Below the Line is a campaign that challenges individuals and communities to eat and drink on just $1.50 per day for 5 days. By exposing participants to a glimpse of some of the daily difficulties experienced by the 1.4 billion people who live in extreme poverty every day, for everything, the campaign provides a unique window into understanding the realities of life for so many.

Through the insights gained over the 5 days, Live Below the Line is assembling a movement of people passionate about eradicating extreme poverty. Through partnerships with various charities, the campaign raises both awareness and critical funds.

I am asking that my followers help with this cause, either by going to and creating their own profile or donating through my profile here.  I am going to be participating in hopes to understand what some people go through on a daily basis.  I am lucky enough to not have a shortage of funds to feed my family, nor a shortage of food itself.  Not everyone is that lucky, so let’s help them out as much as we can.  If you create your own profile you can choose out of several charities that the money you raise will go to.  I have chosen to donate to UNICEF.  You can read a little bit about what UNICEF is here if you are unfamiliar with them.   If you choose to participate in this by either doing it yourself or donating I would like to thank you ahead of time.  Live Below The Line provides a cookbook for download here along with other resources to see how this campaign has worked in previous years if you would like to participate.  I truly hope that you at least look into this campaign and spread it around to help raise money for people who really need it.  And THANK YOU again for reading this.  🙂

Stars Shining Brightly

Somewhere beyond the stars I know you’re there waiting for me.

Off in the distance…

Passed the sun and over the moon you wait patiently.

It is not my time…

Your nonjudgmental eyes as you watch my life unfold.

So lovingly…

When that time comes I will find my way back to you.


And that day we will light up the night sky together.

Stars shining brightly…

Many Days

Tomorrows have come and gone,

so many days have passed.

You had been walking down

such a strange and twisted path.

Life has a way of grabbing hold

and slapping you in the face.

Every twist that has come along,

has landed you in your place.

Life had always looked so simple

from behind your schoolgirl eyes.

Now you have children of your own,

things change, you have realized.

With everything you have been handed,

you’ve managed to still find your way.

A wife you may not be anymore,

but you grow as a mother everyday.

A far cry from where you started

to where you have finally arrived.

Lessons you’ve learned the hard way,

hard as they were, you have survived.

Who Will? rough draft

This is just a rough draft… I know it needs work, any criticism is appreciated.  There is a vision i my head for this, but it’s not coming out very well on paper.  So I may end up rewriting it several times to get my point across.  So bare with me please…


When that sun that brightens your every day

comes crashing to the ground

and sets your world aflame,

who will be there to help you

through the smoke and the debris?

Who can help you find your way?



When that fire on your surface

seeps in as deep as it can get

and melts your very world,

who will throw in the life vest

to pull you from your molten flow?

Who can save you from that place?


When your heart reverts to nothing

and rebuilds its fortress out of ice

frozen ponds surround it like a mote,

who will build a bridge

to try and save you from yourself?

Who will melt that ice, like an early spring?


I will be there when you lose step,

and when your focus is unclear.


I will lift you off the rocks,

when you have fallen to the ground.


I’ll hold you, when you pull away

from those you once held dear.


I will cushion your crashing world,

and stop your fiery rivers flow.


I will be your eyes when they are blinded,

from the smoke that you have caused.


No matter what damage you have created,

my love for you is here, never to be lost.

And the storm will pass….

It is hard to feel alive when everything around you is dead or dying.

And some times it’s hard to find inspiration when the world seems to be caving in around you.

Maybe I am not looking hard enough, seeking far enough, seeing what is right before my eyes.

I will look harder this time, look beyond a dying moment.

Out of death, life emerges.

When I feel like the storm has me weathered, and the clouds come rolling through.

I’ll wait for the clouds to pass, and look up to the heavens.

And there is where I see you and your smile peeking through.

Dedicated to my mother, who despite her flaws, was a wonderful woman whom I wish I had had more time with. She will always be missed.

Love used to be so wonderful…

you crashed into my orbit

engulfed me in your world

swirled together through the milky way

round and round the blazing sun

until that moon you placed inside my hands

and that star that you had strung

the one that graced my chest

gravitated their way back to you

as you pulled yourself away

all but snapping my neck

as the star fought to break free

free from me,

free from all you said we could be

as you pulled away

I dropped out of your orbit

whilst also losing mine

falling free

falling so fast I caught fire

burning in this atmosphere

choking on this smoke left in these lungs

burned and broken

all that does remain

smears of ash upon clouds of white

remnants of a damaged star

applied like glitter in the nights sky

The Sun Doesn’t Shine


The sun doesn’t shine


down on my world,


it remains dark and cold.


A desolate ruin.


A vast land of ice.




The sun doesn’t shine,


it permeates right through me.


Creating a fire inside,


a fire immune to this cold,


down deep, in here, where I hide.




The sun doesn’t shine,


never melting this ice


built up around my heart.


Never comes to warm


that in which has kept me frozen.




The sun doesn’t shine,


an infinite twilight,


filled with infinite gloom.


Reveled by none,


certainly not by I




The sun doesn’t shine,


and I wish that it would.


I seem to be frozen in time,


merely locked in this place,


but I pray not for good.


Into This Night

I will go blindly into this night, into the dark.  I shall not fear the unknown, but embrace it with open arms.  To search for the little bits of light that have been riddled throughout, hidden in the darkness.  I know it does exist, it must, it just has to be sought out, and seek it I shall.  With as much faith as I can muster up, I will be vigilant in my search.  Through the dank, tortuous roads, not guided by light posts, but by the light of the moon.  The air so thick I must claw my way through.  Sifting the mist through my fingers.  The dark can be overwhelming at times, but hold on I must.  Keeping my head up as I walk this darkened path.  For I know that the light at the end will be brilliant, and I will finally have found what I have been searching for.  So fearlessly I march, to the end, to reach the beginning again.

I Would Follow You

I would follow you,

My love,

across this rocky earth,

clawing my way to you.

All of my heart is yours.


I would follow you,

My love,

through this life you live,

sacrificing myself to you.

Every last bit of me.


I would follow you,

My love,

to your lonely grave

when time has come,

I’ll be by your side.


I would follow you,

My love,

to heaven if such was allowed.

I promise my dedicated heart,

for you and only you.


I would follow you,

My love,

to hell and back, if need be.

Too prove my love is everlasting,

today and everyday.


I would follow you,

My love,

time after time,

through every life we live.

your beautiful soul lives on,

I call it for mine, and mine for yours.


oh yes My love,

I would follow you…