About a Girl

This is a story about a girl.

A girl who thought she had it all,

the world was in her hands

and as heavy as it was she held on.

Onto hopes she had

and dreams she wished would come true.

She held that giant rock with all that she had,

because everything she had, resided within.

Family, friends, and memories past.

Memento’s reminding her of loved ones lost.

So many things she knew she could lose in a moment.

Everyone she loved was counting on her to hold on

and her plans to do so never swayed

but sometimes the world can be too much.

With her hands she held on tight.

And when the world grew cold and bitter,

leaving burns upon her skin, she held tighter.

Grasping on, until those burns seeped through her skin

and into her heart.

The body can withstand an amazing amount of pain,

but the heart is the root of all life.

A heart, once damaged never fully heals,

at least hers never did.

And one day she lost grip of all that she understood,

all that she knew to be real.

When she gave up on herself, she gave up on the world.

The tears flowed like a river,

as she watched what she held on to slip away.

That in which defined her came crashing down,

like an egg on the hardwood.

She watched as that rock broke

and everything in it turned to dust.

With the world disappearing at her feet, she knew it was time.

Time for herself to evanesce, she held no disillusions,

she knew what must be done.

No one else could help her, for they never understood.

That once her heart felt the fire, the burning had done her in.

Nothing they said or did could ever bring her back,

and now they have lost that girl for good.


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