The Wiggler

This is entry number two into the Trifecta Writing Challenge.



The way she wiggled when she walked and that dress that could barely be considered a dress was my first clue that she was cheap.  What he saw in her was obvious.  He always liked them sorta sleazy, and this one was no different.  If my mother was still alive he wouldn’t be acting like this, but since she died he’s been as loose with his morals as a twenty year old rubber band.  My mother, our mother was like his best friend, when she died I think my brother was afraid to get close to another woman.  So he kept his distance while having his fun with these girls.  I guess I can’t say I blame him, nobody will ever be able to take her place, she was perfect.

13 thoughts on “The Wiggler

  1. I liked this story told from the sister’s POV. It gave an interesting glimpse into how he handled (or didn’t handle) his grief. The sad part is none of the women will ever heal his emotions.


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